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Tungsten Inert Gas Welding

By Rodney Williams / 10/09/2017

The Tungsten Electrode is a crucial component in the welding process and it has the ability to channel the current that establishes the arc and it can be alloyed with a wide variety of metals.


Tungsten Alloys – The Best Products Made From Them

By Rodney Williams / 08/24/2017

Tungsten is one of the most popular metal in heavy industry; it has an atomic number 74 and symbol W. This metal has a silver – gray color when it is found raw in nature. Considering its resistance to heat and wear, Tungsten has found a broad application. The metal is highly stable, and it […]


The Essential Benefits Of Using Tungsten

By Rodney Williams / 08/10/2017

Industrial production, including the metal fabrication and machining, is an area which is constantly evolving and upgrading. New methods of doing things are appearing almost on a daily basis, and everyone who wants to follow these changes needs to invest in technology and equipment. Also, the quality of the materials is extremely important in the […]


Review Of Tungsten And Tungsten Alloys Properties

By Rodney Williams / 07/25/2017

Tungsten is refractory heavy metals considered to be rare metal, but in fact found commonly in pretty much any country. It was introduced into the industry of steel production three centuries ago, and it has been thoroughly studied and alloyed with other metals ever since. Tungsten possesses some incredible characteristics highly applicable in various industries, […]


Production And Utilization Of Tungsten And Tungsten Alloys

By Rodney Williams / 07/10/2017

Tungsten, commonly known as Wolfram, is refractory metal with some unique features and properties that make it an excellent material for various industrial utilization. With the highest melting point and outstanding capability to stand extreme temperatures, tungsten is the primary choice material for all tools and systems that produce heat when functioning. Also, tungsten is […]


Metal Alloys And Something About Them

By Rodney Williams / 06/27/2017

Metal alloys are made with high-quality materials that are high density. These alloys are resistant to corrosion, and they have great thermal conductivity. These alloys are great if you need to protect yourself from something or to conduct something. The variants are endless. Alloys of this type are used in a wide variety of places […]


Tungsten Cost

By Rodney Williams / 06/12/2017

First of all, there is no such thing as standard cost. There are a lot of variables that will dictate the cost of tungsten. The world’s champion in tungsten production is China. The unit in which tungsten is being measured is a metric ton. Also, there are different types of tungsten. When we say different […]


What Are The Crucial Benefits Of Tungsten Welding

By Rodney Williams / 04/11/2017

Welding is an essential procedure in the modern-day metal industries, and various methods of joining metal pieces have been developed over the course of human history. However, TIG welding seems to be the most popular version, and the basics of this particular welding system have remained virtually the same for a couple of decades. As […]


Essential Facts About TIG Welding

By Rodney Williams / 04/11/2017

Tungsten inert gas welding, or so-called TIG welding, is a method of welding which uses an electric arc and a non-consumable electrode to create connections between two or more pieces of metal. The modern-day metal industry uses a lot of different procedures to perform the process of connecting metal parts, but tungsten welding remains one […]


Your Best Guide On Tungsten Welding Is Right Here

By Rodney Williams / 04/01/2017

The process of connecting two separate pieces of metal can be accomplished in various ways, but welding is one of the most efficient methods known to man. And, when it comes to welding, tungsten inert gas or TIG is probably the most popular procedure in today’s metal industry. Since this type of welding offers a […]

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