The Best Guide On Tungsten Welding Process

TIG welding uses a tungsten rod to achieve the connection of two pieces of metal, i.e. to merge them together using a filler metal, if needed. Modern metal industry offers various ways of performing similar tasks, and welding comes in all shapes and sizes. However, tungsten is the material that has the highest melting point of any other metal (3.410º C), and this enables it to sustain high voltage and to conduct the electric arc with ease.

There are several main types of TIG welding, including hot wire, dabber, and pulsed-current TIG, and this welding method can be performed with the help of different shielding gasses, but argon and helium are the ones that are typically in use.

Why Should You Use TIG Welding

Tungsten welding is highly popular in the current market, and it found its place in many industries, including aviation and space industry. GTAW, which stands for Gas Tungsten Arc Welding is used for welding stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, bronze, copper, and various other materials, and this welding method provides a broad range of benefits.


Since every company wants to create high-quality products with low production costs – TIG welders are sought out in the current market, and if they can perform intricate and sophisticated patterns when welding – their salary can reach impressive figures.

Pros And Cons Of Tungsten Welding

As we already mentioned, operating a tungsten rod in a proficient and elegant manner is a challenging task, and this process requires time. Just like in any other area of life, if you want quality – you will have to dedicate some time to it. However, the fact that it is slow and can be complicated to learn are the only cons regarding TIG welding.

TIG electrode

And on the other hand – there are many pros that will make you see why this method is frequently in use in the modern metal industry. For instance, precision and perfection are easily achieved with TIG welding rods, and there is no fumes or smoke when performing this activity. Similarly, tungsten welding can be used on different types of metal and in all sorts of positions.

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