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How To Easily Recognize The Best TIG Welding Electrode

By Rodney Williams / 02/22/2017

Before explaining the different types of TIG welding electrodes, we will have to cover the basics of what tungsten welding actually represents. In essence, this particular form of welding is performed with the help of a non-consumable tungsten electrode which creates an electric arc that can connect two or more pieces of metal. Even though […]


Learn More About The Benefits Of Using A TIG Welding Rod

By Rodney Williams / 01/20/2017

The process of connecting two separate pieces of metal is called welding, and several methods of how to perform this activity are present in the modern-day metal industry. However, TIG welding, which comes from tungsten inert gas, is one of the most popular methods, and it is used worldwide. Also, the flexibility and superior performances […]


How To Prepare Your Tungsten Rod

By Rodney Williams / 01/06/2017

Merging and connecting two pieces of metal is not an easy task, and humans have tried for centuries to achieve this mission. However, the discovery of electricity and similar technological advancements were needed for a significant breakthrough in this field, and welding is nowadays a common activity in the metal industry. As a matter of […]


Why You Should Start Using TIG Welding Rods Right Now

By Rodney Williams / 01/01/2017

The modern metal industry uses several primary methods of welding, and tungsten or TIG welding is one of the most prominent ways of how two pieces of metal can be joined. Another name for this method is GTAW, which comes from Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, and argon or helium are usually used as shielding gasses […]


Learn How To Operate A TIG Welding Rod

By Rodney Williams / 12/02/2016

People have always wanted to find ways to easily and efficiently connect separate pieces of metal, but until electricity was discovered – this task was not possible to accomplish. Electric energy changed the game completely, and welding is nowadays a backbone of the modern metal industry. In other words, we can quickly connect separate segments […]