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What Are The Crucial Benefits Of Tungsten Welding

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Welding is an essential procedure in the modern-day metal industries, and various methods of joining metal pieces have been developed over the course of human history. However, TIG welding seems to be the most popular version, and the basics of this particular welding system have remained virtually the same for a couple of decades. As they say, you don’t change the team that is winning, and tungsten welding is a method that delivers high-quality results and improves overall productivity in the metal industry.

Several industrial sectors are enjoying the benefits of using a tungsten rod to create connections, and this list includes aviation, space industry, dentistry, and so on.

What To Know About TIG Welding

TIG welding is the process of joining two or more pieces of metal with the help of a non-consumable Tungsten Electrode, filler metal, and electric current. The electric arc that is formed between the metal and the electrode joins the pieces together. And because tungsten is a material that can sustain the highest temperature of any other metal on the planet – this form of welding is efficient and offers high-quality welds in the end.

A shielding gas is also a part of the process, and helium or argon are typically used for this purpose. Since inert gasses are in use, the method is often called GTAW, or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding.

Advantages Of Tungsten Electrodes

tig-welding-aluminum-electrodeTungsten electrodes are often created with a small percentage of other rare metals, such as thorium, cerium, zirconium, or lanthanum, and this combination can produce highly impressive results. First of all, thoriated electrodes come with better longevity and durability, while ceriated are perfect for delicate work and low amperage. In general, every Tungsten Electrode contains at least 97% of this rare material, and because if its characteristics – TIG welding is so efficient and attractive. The welder can have complete control over the welding rod, and by holding it like a pen, intricate work can be easily performed. Since there is no smokes or fume, the visibility is excellent, and this allows the worker to connect the metal in a seamless manner.

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