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Discover The Advantages Of Using Tungsten Welding

All around Tig Welding Process with Detailed Explanation

When it comes to welding and the overall metal industry, all sorts of methods and procedures are in use, depending on the nature of the project. Of course, various other elements can affect the actual process, and welding is a delicate craft which demands a lot of experience.


But, some forms of welding are more subtle than others, and TIG welding is one of the most popular types in the current market. TIG is an abbreviation for tungsten inert gas, and this method uses an electric arc to create connections with the help of a Tungsten Electrode.

Essential Advantages Of Using TIG rods

ftrTIG welding, which is also frequently called GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) is a system that offers a broad range of benefits. Because of its superior features, it can be used in areas where MIG welding can not do the job, and precision is one of the essential advantages of welding with the help of a Tungsten Electrode. Intricate work can be achieved if the welder has sufficient experience, and TIG welding can be applied to various alloys and metals, predominantly aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, copper, and bronze. Since this particular welding method requires significantly less amperage than most other types, welders can have better control over the rod, and the entire method allows for more control and greater stability.

Additional Benefits Of TIG Welding

Since argon can be the designated shielding gas for most of the TIG welding activities, your shop can be more efficient and less cluttered if you do not have too many gas bottles lying around. Also, this welding method produces no flux or slag, and there are no smoke or fumes. Of course, the surface of the material that you are connecting has to be cleaned of any contaminants, but this is easily achieved with the use of industrial cleaners or even alcohol. Additionally, tungsten welding is highly convenient because it allows for total flexibility.

And you can weld in various positions with this system, which means that TIG welding specialists can be deployed in confined areas and hard-to-reach places.

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