How To Easily Recognize The Best TIG Welding Electrode


Before explaining the different types of TIG welding electrodes, we will have to cover the basics of what tungsten welding actually represents. In essence, this particular form of welding is performed with the help of a non-consumable tungsten electrode which creates an electric arc that can connect two or more pieces of metal. Even though the actual process can be tough to master, the fundamental principle of the procedure is pretty simple and straightforward, and impressive results can be achieved by using a TIG welding electrode. Because of these excellent features, TIG welding is a highly popular method, and it is used all over the globe.

Basic Types Of Tungsten Electrodes

Not all TIG electrodes are the same, and the amount of the actual tungsten within them makes all the difference. In other words, pure tungsten electrodes contain 99,5% of this highly durable and very rare material, and these electrodes are marked with the green color. Aside from this type, tungsten electrodes can come in red, orange, gold, brown, or gray coloration, and everything depends on the ratio of tungsten and other metals within the rod.

Tungsten Electrodes

Elements such as thorium, zirconium, lanthanum, or cerium are added into the mix, and tungsten comprises 97% of these electrodes. Also, a hybrid combination of rare earth oxides can be a part of the electrodes, and all of these types offer different performances and features, which means that each TIG welding can be applied in many industrial areas.

The Benefits Of Using TIG Electrodes

TIG welding offers a lot of control over the welding process, and precision is one of the principal advantages of this method. In other words, tungsten electrodes will not produce any smoke or fumes, and some of these types of electrodes can significantly reduce the actual amount of tungsten spitting. Also, some are designed for low amperage and delicate work while others offer extremely stable arc.

Some of them even have highly improved longevity and ease of use, and all of these benefits are valuable in the modern-day metal industry. Picking out the right TIG welding electrode can result in high-quality connections and aesthetically pleasing work, which means that you should put an effort in finding the right type.

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