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The Essential Benefits Of Using Tungsten

Industrial production, including the metal fabrication and machining, is an area which is constantly evolving and upgrading. New methods of doing things are appearing almost on a daily basis, and everyone who wants to follow these changes needs to invest in technology and equipment. Also, the quality of the materials is extremely important in the modern day industrial production, and that is why tungsten plays a vital role in a broad range of manufacturing processes in today’s industry.

Because of its versatility and durability, tungsten is nowadays one of the most used metals, and this fact consequently makes it a precious commodity. With recent changes in Chinese export policies, the prices of tungsten are skyrocketing on the global market, and this is one of the indicators which can illustrate the importance of this particular material.

– Basic Facts About Tungsten

For those of you who are not familiar with the well-known Element 74, this metal is a highly dense and strong material, and it has a series of interesting and unique characteristics. The actual name of the metal comes from the Swedish language, and the words “tung sten” can be translated as “heavy stone.”

It is also important to note that tungsten also has another name, and Slavic or Germanic nations refer to this metal as Wolfram.

Either way, the substance in question is one of the toughest elements on the planet, and this allows it to perform a broad range of tasks. Only state-of-the-art machines equipped with diamonds can cut and shape tungsten, but tungsten alloys are somewhat easier to work with, and,  at the same time – they provide impressive characteristics.

– Most Important Features Of Tungsten

As we already said, tungsten is well-known for its durability, but not many people know that this particular metal has the highest melting point of any other element in the periodic table. As much as 3.422 degrees Celsius are necessary to melt tungsten pieces, and this allows this metal to be used in various industrial areas.


Also, tungsten has very high density, and it is 50% heavier than lead. In other words, an extremely small volume of this material can be quite heavy, and this feature is of great importance in many industrial sectors. Excellent hardness and good resistance to wear and tear also make tungsten an ideal material for various industrial purposes, but the list of its unique features just goes on and on.

– How Is Tungsten Used Today

Ever since the mid 19th century, tungsten is growing in popularity, and experts are finding new ways for exploiting this metal. Aside from machining and TIG welding, where tungsten plays an integral role, many other industries rely on the Element 74. For instance, the military needs tungsten alloys to produce bullets and other projectiles while the medical sector needs the same material as a shielding element from x-rays and other radiation emitting devices. Aerospace industry and automotive sector also use significant quantities of tungsten, and sports and leisure rely on tungsten alloys as well. TIG tungsten is the best for manufacturing electrodes and TIG Electrodes can come in variety of sizes and lengths.

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