Essential Facts About TIG Welding


Tungsten inert gas welding, or so-called TIG welding, is a method of welding which uses an electric arc and a non-consumable electrode to create connections between two or more pieces of metal. The modern-day metal industry uses a lot of different procedures to perform the process of connecting metal parts, but tungsten welding remains one of the most popular and most efficient types of welding.

Simply, a TIG rod allows for incredible precision and flexibility, and due to these features – TIG welding, in general, offers a broad range of benefits.

What Exactly Is Tungsten Welding?

Tungsten itself is a rare and highly durable material, and as a matter of fact – this particular metal has the highest melting point of any other metal on the planet. In combination with electric current and a filler metal, tungsten electrodes can generate the right type of microenvironment for metal pieces to come together in a seamless and attractive manner.

Besides the actual TIG rod, welders have to use a shielding gas as well, and argon or helium are typically used during this process. They offer excellent performances and safety, which is a significant element in the overall attractiveness of tungsten welding.

Why Is TIG Welding So Popular?

The advantages of TIG welding make it famous around the globe, and this method has found its purpose in many areas of human activity. A lot of industries are relying on tungsten electrodes and their characteristics, and nowadays, TIG welders are creating intricate welds in aviation, dentistry, bicycle manufacturing, and so on.


Stainless steel, aluminum or magnesium are usually connected with the help of TIG welding rod, and this flexibility is a significant advantage of this type of welding as well. GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) comes in different sub-types, such as hot wire, dabber, pulsed-current TIG welding, and everything depends on the nature of the task and the actual capabilities of the person who is performing the welding. If the welder has enough experience and knowledge, he can achieve intricate and highly clean work with tungsten electrode, and that is why TIG welding is preferred over other methods of welding.

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