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The process of connecting two separate pieces of metal is called welding, and several methods of how to perform this activity are present in the modern-day metal industry. However, TIG welding, which comes from tungsten inert gas, is one of the most popular methods, and it is used worldwide. Also, the flexibility and superior performances of this procedure allow it to be successful in many different industries, such as aviation, dentistry, and so on.

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However, it can be a bit challenging to learn how to operate a tungsten welding rod, but once you master it – your welding technique will produce some amazing results and your salary will skyrocket as well.

The Basics Of TIG Welding

Font-b-PVC-b-font-PlasticTungsten welding is frequently called GTAW, from Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, but these abbreviations have the same meaning, and they are both referring to the process of welding where an electric arc combines with a non-consumable tungsten electrode and a filler metal to achieve connections. If the worker has sufficient capabilities and years of experience, he or she can create impressive and clean welds, and that is why TIG welding is popular in the modern metal industry. Various subtypes of this procedure have been developed over the years, including hot wire, pulsed-current TIG welding, and dabber, but the basics of the process have remained the same for decades.

Why Is Tungsten Welding So Efficient

Since tungsten is a highly durable metal, it can sustain high amperage and tremendous amounts of heat, which makes the welding process easier and extremely efficient. If the surface that needs to be connected is cleaned of any contaminants – the process of welding will not produce any fumes or smoke, and the only important side effect of tungsten welding is a significant release of ultraviolet light. Of course, protective gear is a must during welding, and masks can protect your eyes from exposure. Other than that, argon or helium are used as a shielding gas during the procedure, and their role in TIG welding is vital.

All in all, a tungsten welding rod can produce great results, and that is why this welding method is used all over the globe.

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