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Tungsten Alloys – The Best Products Made From Them

Tungsten is one of the most popular metal in heavy industry; it has an atomic number 74 and symbol W. This metal has a silver – gray color when it is found raw in nature. Considering its resistance to heat and wear, Tungsten has found a broad application. The metal is highly stable, and it has the highest melting point among of all metals. Many factories use it in its production lines, and China is the biggest supplier. It covers the 80% of world’s needs. Another great feature of Tungsten is that you don’t need a license to use it in your manufacturing because it’s not toxic.

Medical and industrial shielding

In terms of radiation and isolation, tungsten is one of the best metals on the market because it has excellent shielding properties. Considering it has a high density, Tungsten is widely used in medical industry. It will protect and contain radioactive rays, for instance, gamma rays. Over the world, many medical facilities and hospital use this metal for cancer and tumor therapy machines.


Some equipment is also made of Tungsten, such as a syringe, when doctors need to inject some radioactive substance into the patient’s body, this provides them perfect protection. In the past, many factories and facilities used to lead, but considering controversy that has been following this metal, the Tungsten has become a more efficient substitute.

Tungsten copper composite

This type of composite has a difficult production process, which involves pressing, sintering and infiltrating. Like the name, it states, it is either mixed with copper or with silver. The mixture of Tungsten, copper, and silver is resistant to heat and deformation. Tungsten alloys provide excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. Considering its unusual features, Tungsten based composites have found a broad electrical and thermal application.

Tungsten counter weights

This a form of heavy alloy and it is used for oscillations and vibrations. Many different industries demand this type of alloy in their production process.  Counterweights are highly prevalent in aviation and aerospace, as well as in auto industry for balancing and chassis weights. Also, watch and optical industry use Tungsten counter weights.

Tungsten Crucible

Tungsten crucible and tungsten alloys play a significant role in melting rare metals because they are highly resistant to heat. They have a low level of pollution, which means they can’t contaminate precious metals and keep their purity.

Most facilities make Tungsten crucible based on the drawings and client’s needs.

When manufacturers need to melt some rare metals or other metals, they usually use Tungsten because this is the strongest metal and many people compare it to diamond; it has a similar density and toughness.

How are tungsten alloys made?

First of all, this is a complicated process, and it takes a lot of time, but basically, to create a Tungsten alloys, you need to mix Tungsten with other metals. It gives it density, durability, and toughness; it becomes resistant to wear and corrosion. Tungsten alloys have been in use for many years now, and demand for them grows every year. That is why the products made of it like Tungsten Welding Rod are of the highest quality without any doubts.

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