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First of all, there is no such thing as standard cost. There are a lot of variables that will dictate the cost of tungsten. The world’s champion in tungsten production is China. The unit in which tungsten is being measured is a metric ton. Also, there are different types of tungsten. When we say different types, we mean different quality. We have different types of products such as tungsten wires or powder, all sorts of plates, rods, etc. And they are all made of different quality materials. The logic is very clear. If you want higher quality materials, you will have to pay much more. Because of this, there are different prices for raw materials. Products that are made may vary from 30$ to 3000$ per kilogram.

What will happen with the price?

As far as price goes, it is clear that these materials will only be more expensive as the time goes by. There are a lot of variables that dictate the price of materials. First, we must determine the costs of transport, ecological influence, and sometimes even political factors could make a difference in price. One thing is for sure.

The price of tungsten and tungsten materials is going to rise exponentially, and that is the real situation. The cost of products will also determine the type of products such as pure tungsten or maybe if you are buying heavy alloys. Even through recycle, we can have a certain amount of tungsten, but that is not enough.


Mining is necessary. And because of all this, the price can’t get any lower. The costs for all these actions are and will go up.

And if one factor goes up than all of the variables must go up. If you are in alloy business or you are making products or mining raw materials, always make sure to follow and always have fresh information about the news in this area of business. If, for example, you discover a new source of tungsten, be sure that you are one of the very first to acquire the rights for mining it or at least make a deal with the company which discovered that mining place to reduce your costs and to is cheaper than others.

Tips for good business

If you are just a regular consumer or a small company, then, you will need to watch the news and follow the global trends. For now, the cheapest tungsten comes from China, and this country is pretty much the best and the cheapest source of tungsten you will find. But you could always make a deal or make a combination of some sort and try to lower the cost of any of variables that dictate the price.

Keep in mind that recourses are being depleted and they will be more expensive because they are being exploited and laws of economy say that if a certain material is rare, then it will surely be expensive. It could be applied to all materials that are associated with tungsten. Out of many types of tungsten electrodes, the Diamond Pure tungsten electrode is the best one by far.

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