Tungsten Inert Gas Welding

Tungsten Inert Gas Welding

TIG welding became quite a popular type of welding in a relatively short period of time. It utilizes tungsten electrodes in combination with various metals. The Tungsten Electrode is a crucial component in the welding process and it has the ability to channel the current that establishes the arc and it can be alloyed with a wide variety of metals. Since these electrodes are used for different types of welding, they come in different sizes and types as well as in different materials.

Because of these differences, welders tend to develop their own preferences based solely on the style of welding and the nature of the required project. Also, the performance of tungsten electrodes greatly depends on the current. Some types of electrodes perform better with direct current than with alternating current, it depends. It is quite certain that these electrodes will help to get the job done for sure because of their extremely high quality.

The best thing about these electrodes is they are proven to be long lasting which will allow the maximum performance even with the most difficult welding application. They are known for their low burn off rate and arc striking which is of the highest quality as well. Since tungsten is commonly known for its hardness, durability and extreme resistance, tungsten electrodes are highly durable and premium quality tools that will help to finish any job necessary.

Tungsten electrodes are the most popular electrodes in the world for a good reason and as the modern technology moves forward every day, the industries find a new way how to better utilize this extraordinary metal element. There has been a great demand for this metal in the last few years because of its remarkable properties. Some even call it the metal of future.


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